I always had an artistic mind, and during my teenage years, I had been attending an art school. Although I have been studying sculpture, sketching and painting with different paints, painting with watercolors was my favorite. Later on, I picked up sketching of people and animated characters, like Disney characters.

I am a wife and mother of three beautiful daughters.

I picked up a camera when our first daughter was born in 2010, and never put the camera down again.

I started to offer photo sessions in April 2017. I have tried different photography genres and style, and learned that people, their motion and emotions what moves me and excites me. That is why I became a dance and sport photographer. I love to combine the art of dance and the art of photography. Dance is beautiful to watch and even more beautiful to capture an artist in that perfect moment of motion.

I am also fond of such dynamic sports as tennis and gymnastics. I love to capture that power and emotions while an athlete performs.

As a bottom line photography for me is not only passion and being helpful member of the community, but also my outlet to escape from everyday life, explore new places, meet new people, create new opportunities.

I offer to you to scroll through my work and lets start creating.



“We loved our photoshoot with Olga. Looking forward to the next one!”